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    Kortney Birch

    The first number that demonstrates the health level of global fish stocks that popped into my head was 6/10. From all the constant posts on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media, it is apparent that something is killing fish in the oceans. Many problems such as over-harvesting, pollution, and other human actions are negatively affecting fish in the world. Human garbage is constantly being found in the ocean, and obviously this is not benefitting the aquatic creatures. Also, since I live on the Kenai Peninsula, I have visually seen and heard about population drops for salmon runs and other fish species. Fish have always been a hot commodity on the market so to speak , and it seems as though humans are slowly over-doing it.


    I picked a 6 also. I agree that the environments in which these fish live in are steadily declining, which could result in a population drop and so on. Coming from Tennessee, all you really hear about is managing farm fish ponds, so I think to hear the people from Alaska saying there is a drop in salmon in the rivers is interesting.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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