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    I would rate global fish stock health as poor at a 7. This opinion is primarily based on information from numerous journal articles I read for a previous class, in which many scientists came to the conclusion that fish stocks have suffered massive depletion due to overfishing and harmful fishing practices. As the global population increases, so does demand for fish which leads to increased fishing effort. This effort exceeds stocks’ ability to replenish. Additionally, many ecosystems are being degraded as a result of harmful fishing practices (ie trawling) as well as climate change. For example, kelp forests in many regions are suffering due to warmer water which consequently harms fish species that depend on kelp forests for shelter and food. Though I believe that overall, fish stock health is poor, it is important to note that it is not really feasible to try to lump every fish species into one group since not every species is targeted for human consumption. As one species becomes overfished, another might prosper due to lack of predation or decreased competition from the target species.


    I like that you consider the fact that not all species of fish are affected the same way. If one species is hurting another could be thriving. With that being said that could be even worse for the fisheries ecosystems around the world because diversity is declining which means the resilience of the ecosystems is questionable.


    The fact that you also rated the health as a 7 then stopped to think that one may rise or fall due to the overfishing of another shows that you actually took some time to think during your response and that to me shines throught brighter than anything else could.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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