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First off, I just want to comment on how beautifully organized your writing is. As for the content, it’s wonderful. I agreed with your commentary of the novel and it matched what I wrote pretty well. There were some parts, however, that didn’t think about when writing my response and I’m glad you brought them up. I suppose somewhere between reading and writing my response I forgot about the diseases put into the water from the domestic salmon. This idea also plays into what we talked about in FISH 102 today with the aquarium trade if you happen to be in that class as well. When you said it, it immediately put me back in that mindset of how shoving too many fish into a small area just causes disease that is easily released into wild waters later from one small mishap. I also love how you mentioned multiple other talking points at the end of your post. As for your final question, I think economics will always favor the less sustainable, quick cash methods as more important. It is rare for us to choose sustainability and delayed gratification over a quick buck. Time and time again, sustainability for future generations is cast aside in favor of greed.

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