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FTT 9/29

my studying consists of making notecards of key terms and important notes and i have a process where i eliminate the cards that i know and put more time studying the ones that i don’t know. ive used this strategy ever since ive needed to study, and im yet to find a time it doesn’t help at least a little bit. on this quiz specifically, this strategy worked relatively well, and i plan on using this strategy for the midterm. i knew all of the terminology on the quiz, what i found most difficult was just trying to figure out how i should be wording my answers. this was actually the first time in a relatively long time where ive had an official quiz earlier in the morning, so i most definitely could use some more sleep the next time a quiz or test comes around.

FTT 9/22

when Greenberg mentions salmo domesticus, he essentially means domesticated salmon.  so in other words, he means fish that are born and raised in enclosed environments, like hatcheries for instance. according to my readings, domesticated salmon originated when small tribes caught salmon and attempted to breed them in enclosed environments so they were able to have easier acess to their resources without having to fish for them. it then began to grow at a larger, more economic scale, then Norway began to catch on and to this day is still one of the worlds larges salmon producing countries.

alot of people think that salmo domesticus are a curse, but i personally consider it a blessing. although it is true that “domesticated salmon” arent exactly wild salmon and there are some negative effects to having salmo domesticus in the wild, but i belive the positive effects far outweigh the negative. if salmon are grown in controlled environments, they can become much larger and provide more nutrients to many communities, so if salmo domesticus become a major part of many peoples daily lives, they will be able to feed many more people over time.