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Paul was a boy who had a love for fishing. His mother would always rent something close to the water to ensure he had access to fishing no matter where they we located. As time went fish in the lake he was fishing in had all died. This led him to begin travailing upstream in search of more. He was unable to continue to follow due to a land owner. He then obtains a boat enabling him to reach waters beyond property lines. Years when on then when he retuned to fish the same places he found there was nothing left. This set him out on his journey to find where the fish are going.

I don’t really have anything special that sparked my interest in ocean sciences. I am from a landlocked state and never had seen ocean animals in nature until coming to Alaska.

If Paul were to respond to our question about where we are I would assume he would give it a 2 or 3. What he saw was a pretty big collapse on a place that he knows was thriving at one point. Therefore associating more emotional attachment.

I feel by the end of the book he will become more optimistic about what is going on. When he dives deeper into it there may be a glimmer of hope that he can be the change the fish all need. Through out his journey he will be able to obtain more anwsers and become more informed on what needs to be done.