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FTT- 9/22

Salmo domesticus in my understanding is domesticated salmon. This means  it was made to grow fast and in a controlled environment. When I very first learned about farmed fish is was not good . I was told that they put growth hormones and dyes into the fish to make them look more appealing so they can be sold more easily.  When reading from what Greenburg says about the farmed fish I believe that they are detrimental to the environment.  From the book it states that to get one pound of farmed fish there would need to be six pounds of wild fish. These fish are ground up into pellets for the farmed fish to eat. (P.g. 44) This is very harmful to the environment causing a deficit in the wild populations.  Not only do these farmed fish need food they need a space to grow.  These farms are large and can harm the environment also.  There is waste and chemicals that are released from these farms harming the ecosystem around them.  In my own opinion I believe that farmed fish are harming our fish populations  and ecosystem.


In the salmon chapter of four fish I agree with what Greenburg said. What i think he meant by the Yup’ik and the salmon in perrell was the salmon are going the be suffering in their populations. This will cause the Yup’ik people to be sad and would have to find another food source. This will be bad for the salmon, the people, and even the environment.

FTT- Sept. 3

I had a similar experience to Greenberg’s.  When I was in sixth grade our science class had to put on a science fair to demonstrate that we knew the scientific method. I decided to do mine on starfish populations over time. I went to a local harbor and counted how many starfish I saw,  also identifying what I could.  When the testing period was over the data was compiled and was presented. I fount the population was pretty consistent except for the day I couldn’t see due to weather.  Unfortunately this would be the last time i would see most of these starfish and this population. The next summer sea star wasting disease hit. This was dentromental to the starfish. It caused a major die off and one species is now considered endangered, after this my life forever changed.  I got more involved with research, I was even interviewed by the local radio station. I then went to volunteer at the science center. This was a fun experience for me and I got to learn more about the ocean that I love.

This point of the book I don’t believe he answered our question on the global fisheries. There still needs to be a lot more  discussed to figure out this question.

As for the end of the book, I feel like he will be more pessimistic. This is because sometimes you can be dissapointed with the findings of your research, so if he found that they are indeed all bad. This could upset him and he may want to do more research to find out what is going on.