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FTT #1

After reading this introduction to the book and the general trend that the author suggested, I believe that at this point in the book he would have expressed deep concern for the worlds fisheries and global health. Growing up in Alaska I have several instances where I learned a plethora of things about fish and fisheries. I also had to grow to learn that all things are not what they seem unless you look at the bigger picture. In the summers I traveled and stayed with extended family in Michigan. Just like in the story, there was a pond by my aunts house, me and my cousins would spend every day out by the pond catching and releasing frogs. The window troughs to her basement were always full of frogs, you couldn’t go far without seeing at least a few frogs where ever you went in the area. I hadn’t realized that after all the years that there are no more frogs. My family owns a home next to my aunts house on a small river, and yet I haven’t seen frogs around the area in several years. Its always puzzled me as to what actually happened to all the frogs, I’m hoping to try to look into it more this semester. Although this isn’t a fishery, it had a huge impact on how I thought of the resources the world had to offer, they are far from infinite. By the end of the book I hope that the author will find some good news for the world but I highly doubt his ideas will change towards the decline in the global fisheries as a whole.