REflections on your Posts this week

I really enjoyed your posts this week, and as usual I spent the morning with several cups of coffee reading, thinking, and trying to synthesize. A few things really struck me and I hope we can talk about it. First, there were many sentiments that suggest that as a society we have gone from “need to greed.” This is well reflected in Elias’s response to Payton’s post:

...commercial greed / capital gain is, undoubtedly what has brought us to where we are today, with the depletion of natural fish stocks, the curation of genetically modified fish- all of it. It really begs the question: When will corporations and the general public be satisfied? When will this all.. meet an end, so to speak?

Second, many people shared that a major loss if wild salmon disappeared would be the cultures and people that have co-evolved along side them for generations. Charli quoted Greenberg saying: “I couldn’t help but think that in a way the future of wild salmon and the future of the Yupik people were somehow sadly parallel to each other.” – What do you make of this quote? What does it mean to you?

Third, I saw many people contrasting the western capitalist system that treats salmon as a commodity (with instrumental value, such as $) vs. an Indigenous world view that treats salmon much differently. I feel this was captured by Linnaea who quoted Greenberg : But unlike the Yupik Eskimo mentality, the Judeo- Christian mind is governed by a faith in improvement and transformation of the natural world

We have much to discuss and it sure seems that our relationship with our food is pretty darn complex and complicated.

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