FTT 9/30

My approach to studying is usually to read through my notes from whatever chapter/section a quiz is on and if needed, look up quizlets or make flashcards, although this isn’t that type of class. For this quiz I looked over my notes from all the past lectures, I usually go through them and highlight over things to remember them. There’s this tip I learned from my AP biology class in high school where you leave yourself questions in the margins of your notes when you’re taking them so that when you go back to study, you have ready made comprehension questions to go along with your read-through study routine. Another good method is to write a summary paragraph after your chapter/section notes to cement things in your brain by writing. Sorry this post is late, I didn’t know we had an assignment.

3 thoughts on “FTT 9/30”

  1. That’s a good tip! I really like the idea of comprehensive questions in the margins to figure out later when I’m trying to study. I’m going to try that to help me with understanding some of the topics we talk about in class.

  2. You have a good studying style. This last quiz is much different than the others I’ve taken. I think after this quiz I will try to be more detailed in my notes. Each question isn’t just an answer they are multiple answer questions. Great Ideas!

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