I do well with listening to the lectures and then doing some reading on the side to get a deeper understanding of what we learned. Whether that be studies with a similar topic or news articles about current issues in fisheries. I think that helps make things really stick in my brain. Having a deeper understanding that I can apply to everyday conversations makes it easier for me to ditch my notes. I am lucky to have friends in fisheries and I believe being able to go out and chat, learn, and grow from them helps me immensely. I didn’t use any notes thus far and feel like I did well on the quiz. I really did have to think hard though when making my posts to make sure I was touching every subject required to get full credit. Next time around I will do the same as I have done, but maybe try to take more physical notes to study with prior since the quiz seemed to be based on something we spoke about in particular during lecture. It is nice to have quizzes that really pick at your brain and make you think. Those are the questions that make me excited to learn more in fisheries and have a deeper understanding.

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I agree that reading studies that are similar to a learning topic does help really stick the information with you. I also agree that quizzes that make you think are very good for making you think. Good luck with your midterms!

  2. Hello Lauren,

    I like it when we learn something then I see it somewhere else and it clicks. I think that trying to hit every part of the question was the hardest. I bet that having friends in fisheries would be a heck of an advantage to this class.

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