The way I studied for this quiz was through going over the notes that I’ve been taking through the class so far. Going back over what I did not understand and looking at a different perspective to help me understand and retain what was said. For the one I simply could not comprehend on my own, I went back and watch the lesson to see what Peter was talking about and how he tried to explain it. Bouncing back and forth with the notes, if I really could not understand it then I would do some research on the subject and see what other people have said.

Do not think that I’ve been taking very good notes, trying to make it make sense to me is quite challenging when I do not have a firm understanding of it. I would probably need to take more detailed notes so I would be able to reference off of what was said that day .and make it to where it is easier for me to read it. What ever part that I have a hard time one, once should have utilize all of my resources to help me understand a bit more. Asking more questions to make sure that what I am thinking is correct and not just somewhat correct. Putting a little more time into studying the material because I believed that I could of done better on the first quiz.

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  1. I did the same thing! I took notes in class and reviewed the class videos, I also struggled with making sense of my notes when I went back through them so I hope we both can improve upon that for next time!

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