My approach to studying is taking lots of notes during the slide lectures. I highlight the topics that he says will be discussed on the Exam, and make sure I study those more than anything else. I feel like I was semi prepared for the quiz, but could have definitely taken more detailed notes on the graphs that we are learning about. Overall though my study method consists of note taking, highlighting, and then turning my notes into Quiz Flash Cards. This way I can be my own study buddy by putting the questions on the front of the cards, with the answers on the back. Another thing that I have experimented with is asking my friends a question relating to the topic of the fisheries class. They give me an answer, and its normally wrong, and then I correct them. That has also been a big help when it comes to studying for me. I will probably use all of these techniques when it comes to the mid term also. Another method that is helpful is rewriting the notes over and over as many times as your brain can handle. That has also helped me tremendously. I feel like if you write something over and over it will stick more, than just writing it once. That reminds me of a time I got in trouble in grade school. If we got in trouble we had to write, ” I will never _____ again, I learned my lesson.” We had to write this sentence 100 times, and looking back it was a good teaching method because I never got in trouble again, and because the method actually stuck with me for life.

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  1. Love your title! I don’t always have time to meet with a study partner, but when I do, I feel I learn more. Saying things out loud to another person helps because it forces me to say it in a way that makes sense. For me, if I have too much information in my notes, my brain goes into overload mode, and I start feeling overwhelmed. I wish I could absorb large amounts of information, but I feel like I can only take in about two-thirds of what I have written down. For me, headings and bullets work best. Then, I make sure I add definitions to new concepts or terms. Your teacher’s method for punishment made me laugh. I like it, especially since it worked for you!

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