Quiz study techniques

I brushed over some of the highlighted areas in all the lectures.  I concentrated on trying to understand definitions and find a subject or maybe even an item similar to relate that term to.  For instance, I wrote fishing spoon next to the asian carp notes.  Each spoon is designed to manuever in the water a certain way because of it’s specific design.  I take a lot of notes and leave an astrick by areas that we may have focused heavily on that day.   Every two weeks or so, I will open up my notes and spend about ten minutes or so looking over a part of the lecture and not the whole thing.  I know some techniques like having post its placed in areas of high traffic around your room/house.  Reciting a definition to yourself out loud or at least trying to describe the meaning.  I will adjust anything I need to pending on the outcome of my quiz score (fingers crossed).

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  1. Matt,
    I think that is a very creative interactive method to study making studying fit into your daily routine. The more exposure the more successful you are bound to be in memorizing. That is clever to do word association have hear of people making jingles but not that in particular.

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