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For the studying, all I really could think of was just looking back through my notes and mentally thinking of what seemed to be the most important. I feel as though it worked pretty well, when I started the test I felt confident in my answers to the questions and felt prepared. For the midterm, I will probably use the same method but expand upon it. I will look back through my notes but also use other resources to make sure I know a sufficient amount of knowledge on the subjects. If I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, then I will research on the areas I need help in to make sure I am as prepared as I need to be in order to successfully answer every question on the test. I may also need to make myself note cards so I can have someone else in the house quiz me on the topics that I need the most help in. It is all about trial and error when you are studying, try multiple different methods so if some do not work that you, that you have other options that may be able to work. I also find that studying in someplace quiet and or dark really seems to help me.  It also helps me if I am listening to music that does not have any words in it and if the music has a slow beat to it.

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  1. I also do a little extra research when I don’t feel I know enough about a subject. And, it seems with this class, I’m learning a lot of new things, so I have had to look up a couple of items. Not much, just a couple of things so I can read the definitions worded differently. Sometimes that helps me. If I can see the same concept written two different ways, then I can put them together in my mind, a little better. I also like to be in a quiet area, but listening to my music. Some people need it completely quiet, but the music sometimes helps me make associations.

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