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My approach to studying for this quiz was simple, I took notes during lectures and then reviewed the lecture slides. I then made questions based off the lecture slides and my notes, so that I had some kind of study guide built.  I think this worked pretty well for me. However, I think this strategy works better if the question topics for an exam are defined before the exam. This quiz had a large possible number of topics, and only one was chosen. My strategy would’ve worked better if the test was longer and more broad, or if we had known what it would’ve been about before hand.

In the future I would like to study with study groups more. I think this would be especially helpful in a class like this where it’s very discussion based. I also think that I need to start studying sooner and studying over a longer period of time so that I retain the information better.  I also think it would’ve been helpful if I read and copied my notes and lecture slides as many times as possible. Other people in class have said this is helpful, along with my  own personal experience that has shown this to be true. Overall, I think my study methods for this test were pretty adequate, but could have incorporated more passive styles of studying such as repeated reading  and repeated note taking. I would also have benefited from study groups.

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  1. Hey Eli,

    I really liked how you created questions for yourself based off of your notes and lecture slides. I think that is a great idea, especially because this course is so discussion based and tests I would assume going forward will be short answer. I am totally going to incorporate that into my own study habits. I agree with you as well that study groups would have been beneficial.

    Great job and good luck!

  2. Eli, I agree with Amanda above! Great idea to create questions for yourself as a study guide. I have never really thought to do that. I am not much of a note taker (except in chemistry based classes, ugh) but I seem to retain my information better if I read about it more in depth after lectures. Sometimes it helps me get a different point of view and totally dive into the content. It sounds like you have a great plan for the future with studying!

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