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When I am getting ready for quizzes or exams I study the notes I took from previous lectures, I memorize the definitions if there are any.

Normally my notes are very organized and I pay attention to keynotes mentioned in previous lectures. I feel like I could have done way better in this past quiz however my notes have not been organized the way I normally have them due to some unseen circumstances out of my control.

For the rest of the semester, I will organize my notes as I have in the past, legible handwriting, in order from the lectures and grouped according to topics.
I will reach out to those that are looking for a studying partner we can compare notes (if we are possibly going to be working with one another in other classes during the course of this degree program we might as well get a head start and build those positive connections).

Another way I have effectively taken notes in the past was by assigning a certain journal/notebook to each class, this semester is my first semester back in 4 years so I think I wasn’t prepared as I have been in previous courses in the past. Now that I am back in school I remember how the organization helps in the long run when memorizing what was spoken of and is then better retained.

A scattered set of notes is like having a scattered mind when sitting down to take a quiz….an organized set of notes guarantees a smooth sailing quiz.

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  1. Cara,

    I think you’re on the right track for organized note taking. I find when the content comes up quickly and I am trying to listen and also write, I miss out a lot. Sometimes I find it beneficial to go back to slides after the lectures are over to see what content I need to go over to better understand. I always like to use some outside sources on the internet to get a more broad understanding of some of the content. I think it helps!

  2. I like that you compared scattered notes to a scattered mind, and I agree wholeheartedly with that. I know that when I do have scattered notes, rather than chronological notes, that I tend to have a harder time studying.

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