FTT quiz study method

To study for this quiz, I mostly used my notes, taken from the slides that were provided by Professor Wesley.  The lectures have been super helpful, as well.  My notes have been fairly detailed since I cannot attend class in person.  That part has been a little difficult, because I feel like I miss out on asking questions “in the moment”.  To be honest, I’m not sure how I did on the quiz, so I can’t really say if my study tactics worked very well.  I think I was able to cover most of the information that was required to answer the questions in full.  Mainly, I studied the different topics from each slide.  In my notes, I created headings for each topic, then added bullets under each heading.  Within the bulleted lines, I highlighted or underlined words that were new to me, such as adaptive evolution or cave/surface form.  Then, I made sure those new concepts were well defined in my notes.  In addition, I highlighted all the new information given to us for the different fish that were used as examples.  The one question that I felt like I didn’t really have a solid answer for was the question about Gollum.  I had to write an educated guess, based on what “fishes” means.  If “Lord of the Rings” was discussed in one of the lectures, I have no memory of that. LOL.  The one thing I might do differently for the midterm is organize my notes a little better.  I may have placed too much information in them.  Also, I wrote a little sloppy when I took some of my notes, which meant I had to try and decipher my own handwriting, then rewrite it so I could read it.  That was a waste of my study time.

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