FTT 9/29 – Studying

I didn’t really know what to expect for this quiz. This is all completely new material for me and I felt that I had a lot of thoughts rolling around in my brain. To consolidate them right before the quiz I went over my notes. However, I found my notes scattered and with holes, so I went back into the lectures to fill in the gaps.

Moving forward I want to take more thorough notes and even rewrite them in a less frantic scribble. I want to redo the notes that I have previously done to refresh some of the beginning material. I know an area where I struggle is data interpretation so I will need to spend some more time looking at the graphs provided in class to get comfortable with figuring out what the graph is trying to tell me. I know in the past flash cards have helped me and may look to do those in preparation for studying for the midterm. Lastly, I feel I need to slow down and be more deliberate with my words so as to convey my answers more in line with what I am thinking and that is going to require becoming more comfortable with the scientific lingo we are learning.

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