FTT 9/29- Quiz Reflection

Quiz Reflection

For the quiz last week I prepared in several different ways to further my comprehension of the material and review/refresh. I accomplished this by watching the class lecture recording I had missed attending from a few weeks ago which filled in gaps in my notes. Another thing I did was review my notes from class, which I feel is a given that all students do. There was another clase I missed 10 minutes of because I lost service while learning about testing methods “the garden experiment” so I went back and reviewed that recording as well. Going forward I would like to improve my study plans in a few ways. This being said It is a little difficult to gage how effective my study techniques proved to be since I have not yet received a grade for my quiz. However I can gage the level of preparedness based on how I felt being confronted by the questions. Going forward though I’d like to tweak my study plan a bit, the main being my overall organization. I’d like to get in the habit of reviewing the week’s notes on a certain day each week like friday mornings. I have free time to do so. It’s also important to review all the notes, not just the current week in order to keep it fresh in my mind besides just the current week or it will get fuzzy. I feel I could have been more prepared overall but it is week six, I have time to tweak my plan of action moving forward, the midterm will be coming soon enough and I want to have confidence in my work in order to turn in something well spoken and thoughtful . 

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