FTT 4 9/29

When approaching this quiz, I decided to study by going through my notes again and re-watching the classes posted online. I went through my notebook that has key points that I think are important. If I didn’t remember or fully understand my notes on this concept, I went back to find it in the classes that were posted online to hear it explained and discussed again. This worked pretty well in my opinion. I went through definitions I had written down and I definitely struggled with the concepts from class that I tried to relay in my notes.

In the future, I’m going to try and make sure that my notes are clearer. A lot of the things I wrote down made sense when we were talking in class but didn’t relay the idea well when it wasn’t fresh in my mind. Due to this, I definitely struggled a bit with the questions on the quiz. However, in the future I’m going to attempt to give my notes more context about what the scenarios are that we are dealing with, and better explain the solutions or answers my classmates give. I also am going to label which notes came from which lecture, which should make it easier to find the class discussion about the topic I am confused about. Ultimately, I plan to make my studying more efficient by being able to spend less time with searching for the concepts I don’t understand in the recordings, and more time with actually understanding the concepts I have to revisit.

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