FTT 9/29

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this quiz. I always have some nervousness with the first quiz. I did know that it was going to short answer, longer answers, and no multiple choice. I found on testable information that note-taking and writing it by hand makes me remember things better. I like to review the slides to make sure I understand all of the concepts. If class material is not familiar, I’ll go back and watch that part of the lecture. The thing I find most important is to be distraction-free during class and to participate as much as possible. Having two children home with me while attending class online has also made zoom classroom learning my biggest challenge.

In the future, I plan to write out more detailed notes for describing concepts so I can apply them to other applications. I believe many of my classes have taught me to be complacent with multiple choice answers being available. I would also say that I will need to try to use the terminology more appropriately. It can be challenging for me to use words that I am not confident in their full usage while writing.  I will try to make my wording my next quiz goal.

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  1. Hi Branddon,

    Like you I didn’t really know what to expect. I agree that with other classes having the multiple choice option in front of you makes you complacent. If you can just glean a fragment of the concept you can usually pick out the answer. Putting a concept into your own words is quite different. Challenging and I think overall a better way to retain (at least for me). I agree with you on becoming more confident with the terminology of this class. That is one of my goals as well, so that I can feel confident in my responses and not so wish washy.

    Great job and good luck!

  2. Hello Branddon,

    I also did not know what to expect from the first quiz, and I was also quite nervous about it as well. Writing more detailed notes is a very good way to have the information you learn really stick in your head. Good luck on your midterms!

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