FTT #4

For our first quiz, I basically just went through the notes that I took during class on the slides and reviewed it. If I was unsure about a topic or couldn’t remember what we talked about specifically I tried to find the recording of that lecture so I could fill that section in. If I didn’t understand after watching the recordings I would’ve contacted Peter with questions about it. When he would emphasize a topic or slide during the lecture I would put a note saying that this might be on a future quiz so I should probably pay extra attention to it and/or review it after class to make sure I understood the concept. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to actually understand the graphs so I spent a good amount of time making sure I really knew what was happening and interpret them correctly. I hadn’t seen the Lord of the Rings movies in a while so I’ll be studying those this weekend just to refresh. 

It really helps me to “teach” or just have a conversation about it with someone else. I don’t have anyone who really knows about this stuff to talk to but my dad will listen to me. He usually will have random knowledge about it from a podcast he listened to. When I can’t talk to him I’ll talk to my little sister, she’s 8 so she really doesn’t know but she likes learning about what we do in class and it benefits me.

I think my studying worked for me and I’ll definitely do these again but I will also rewrite the important things down to help memorize them for the midterm. To have the definitions and graphs and everything else separate from all the slides would be easier to study with than going through the slides all the time.


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  1. I also looked over the slides, though I didn’t have time to look at the lecture videos. In the future, supposing I have time, I will also be writing up some note on the key concepts.

    I’ve never tried teaching the concepts to another person before. I might try this in the future.

    I’m glad that the studying went well for you.

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