FTT #04 – Syrena

My studying was composed of simply looking over the lecture slides before starting the quiz. Due to a full course load, I am often busy with one assignment or another until the last minute and don’t tend to have time to study. I try to take notes, but they don’t tend to be useful; I just pay attention during the lectures and understand the material. I feel confident in my answers because I understood the material that was presented. If I have the time to study, I will try to take some usable notes though I don’t expect that I will.

I know that this is nowhere near 250 words, but I really don’t have anything else to say. I think that this assignment should have been optional, so that people like me could have been left alone and not have our inadequacies dragged into the light. Sorry for the mini rant, it’s 11:37pm and I’m tired.

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