FP #5

Frankly, I did not study for this test. It has nothing to do with being cocky, it had everything to do with the fact that I didn’t know what was going to be on this test. I may have missed it, or maybe it was never stated, but the fact remains that I didn’t study because I didn’t know what to study. My high school teachers were too nice, most of them gave us practice tests and it really doesn’t help me now. Generally, when I do study, I like to look over my notes and memorize dates, names, events, rough definitions, and equations. I mean it all depends on the class, but that’s the gist of it. I find memorizing something for a class fairly easy, especially if it’s a short term thing I won’t need to remember for a long time. One thing I find helpful is listening to music through a speaker of some kind to drown out the emptiness. It drove my parents batty, but I cannot concentrate in silence when it comes to homework and studying.

While I generally just read notes and take info in for a short period of time, that’s not my only way of studying. Sometimes, if I have a lot of time and it’s something I will need for a long period of time, I try to make a little jingle out of whatever I’m trying to remember. This is something I learnt from my music/band/math teacher, and to this day I still remember the Quadratic Formula.

In conclusion, music is always a part of my studying.

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  1. Axel,
    I like how frank you are Axel, I think that most kids fresh out of high school would feel likewise to you. I feel extremely fortunate that while, I am also a freshman at UAF I did a program in high school where I attended courses at my local community college instead of attending my high school junior and senior year called “Running Start”. I was able to graduate high school (2020) needing only 15 more credits for my AA. I remember it being a bit of an adjustment from highschool like you. My advice would be the most important tool to success in a course in putting aside time to review what hear in class, read the textbook and organize your notes. I learn best by explaining what I learn, study groups can be a great resource. Keep the phone away from you when working!
    Hopefully that can be a little helpful for you Axel.

    Well wishes

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