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To study for the quiz, I tried to be sure that I understood the main points and concepts we went over in class by reading the notes I had taken down. It was also important to me to memorize the definitions that I marked were important. I don’t believe I was completely prepared for the quiz questions because I didn’t truly know what to expect and I get nervous with tests and quizzes, it’s just something I can’t help! Attempting to have a “picture memory” of your notes isn’t the best method and not something I would recommend first-hand to anyone. If you put in the time to study appropriately and not last minute, it will have a positive effect on your grade, and that’s something I tell myself all the time!

I wish I would have started studying earlier, maybe once a week to just go over everything we took notes on for the week. That would have helped me feel more confident in the quiz. For the midterm, I want to create flash cards as we go along because flashcards have always been a study method that works for me. Even creating the flashcards helps me study because of writing the information down and being completely focused on every word instead of just trying to hurry and take notes before the PowerPoint slide has passed. If I am in Alaska for the midterm, I would like to get together with classmates or even over zoom/skype/facetime to have someone who knows the content test me and vice versa.

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  1. I think it’s great that you know what studying methods help you! Flashcards are really beneficial to me too, and I should probably make more of them in the future. I have never tried to memorize my notes, but knowing key concepts really helps me, and talking it out is nice to make sure that you know what you are talking about. Studying with someone else is always the best way for me to solidify things!

  2. I totally agree with you! I get really nervous about tests and quizzes too which is partly why I don’t always study too far in advance either, but I would like to start doing that as well as repetition and time really solidify concepts much better than cramming. I really like flashcards too and I agree that it’s really helpful to be able to slow down and focus on each concept without having to worry about rushing through and keeping up with the lecture. I didn’t make flashcards this time but I will in the future! I like the idea of doing it throughout the semester too, not just all at once.

  3. I totally understand! I get nervous when it comes time to take quizzes and exams. I like it better when I’m in my own environment and I don’t have other people around me. When I see how quickly other people are turning in their tests, it only heightens my anxiety. I agree, spending a little bit of time, over multiple nights, helps me retain information better. I can’t cram for a quiz or exam at the last minute. There’s no way I will remember everything. I have to spread it out. I like your flash card idea for the midterm. I think I’ll do that, as well. A group study session over Zoom is a great idea! If I’m not super busy with basketball, that might be something I’m interested in. Unfortunately, basketball keeps me pretty busy, and I have multiple tests/papers due that same week!

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