FTT 9/29

To study for this quiz, I mostly used the notes I took in class. I had starred important concepts and highlighted vocab terms as I took notes, so I mainly focused on those. I read through my notes once a day for three days leading up to the exam. That helped me remember the concepts and reminded me of things we studied in the beginning of the semester. Then, I had a friend test me on the vocab words and concepts. This was super helpful, as it forced me to say what I remembered out loud, and it quickly became obvious which concepts I didn’t know as well and needed to study more. The night before the quiz, I met up with a friend from class and we discussed the concepts together. Again, it is really helpful for me to vocalize what I know, and she could correct me on stuff I had wrong or fill in the gaps where I didn’t remember. This method worked really well for me, as I had written notes, read over them, and said things out loud. Combining reading, writing, and speaking helps me solidify my knowledge, and I’m going to keep doing that this semester. To study for the midterm, I’m going to start studying sooner, and I’m going to go over the parts of my notes that weren’t highlighted even more, just to make sure I don’t miss anything that will be on the exam. 

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  1. I think it’s cool how much you utilize other people in your study methods and how talking it out helps so much. I do this sometimes, but I generally complete all my studying alone. In the future I’d like to study more with others as I can see how being forced to say the knowledge out loud is really helpful.

  2. It makes me happy that you read your notes early instead of studying the night before. I tend to procrastinate a lot but this semester my goal is to take more time to study even if a quiz or test isn’t soon! Having someone test you is also a great method that I want to try next time. Good job for being responsible!

  3. Nice! I also highlighted and bulleted the important vocab terms. I tend to have all my notes listed under headings with bullets and highlighted information. Then, if I’m missing something or can’t remember a concept, I either do a little extra research on the subject or, in this case, go back and look at the ppt slides. Those were super helpful. I like your vocalizing idea. Unless I’m studying with a partner, I don’t ever say things out loud. I’ll have to try that next time. I like that we had a practice quiz before the midterm. It forced me to study what we’ve covered so far. Now, I’ll feel a little more prepared for the midterm.

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