Salmo Domesticus is a species of farmed salmon that has evolved fromĀ  Atlantic Salmon to grow faster and to take less food to grow. The Salmo Domesticus was created by two Norwegian brothers named Sivert and Ove Grontvedt. They took young salmon from forty different water systems and the salmon breeders realized that if they breed species from those forty different water systems, that eventually they will have a species of salmon that takes less time to mature and requires less food to eat. I think that they are detrimental because because in the wild as much a nintey nine percent of wild salmon don’t live to adulthood and with these farmed salmon, there mortality rate is much lower and they are starting to overwhelm the wild fish populations. I think that instead of farming these fish we should put our efforts into repopulating the wild salmon. Because if wild salmon go extinct, then many indigenous people will have to change their way of life. Many indigenous people have created there way of life around these salmon and without that, it could end very badly. There is more than one viewpoint on this however, The farmed salmon could be very useful in the economy. With these farmed salmon, many people that could not have ever eaten salmon unless it was out of a can, could have fresh salmon regularly and salmon are a very healthy eating option providing plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids. So from one viewpoint, this is quite bad, and from the other, it is very benifical.

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  1. Your description for the salmon was right on! I agree with you when it comes to them being detrimental to the waters. They just don’t do what wild salmon do and I said the same thing about repopulating our own salmon we have now. Why spend the money creating a salmon when we can save what we have that potentially tastes better anyways?

  2. I agree with the thought that we should be putting more into trying to revive and recuperate salmon runs, rather than putting so much into farming the domesticated salmon. I also enjoyed that you played both sides and did state how farmed salmon is actually beneficial, and I think you did a great job at describing the domesticated salmon.

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