FTT 9/22

when Greenberg mentions salmo domesticus, he essentially means domesticated salmon.  so in other words, he means fish that are born and raised in enclosed environments, like hatcheries for instance. according to my readings, domesticated salmon originated when small tribes caught salmon and attempted to breed them in enclosed environments so they were able to have easier acess to their resources without having to fish for them. it then began to grow at a larger, more economic scale, then Norway began to catch on and to this day is still one of the worlds larges salmon producing countries.

alot of people think that salmo domesticus are a curse, but i personally consider it a blessing. although it is true that “domesticated salmon” arent exactly wild salmon and there are some negative effects to having salmo domesticus in the wild, but i belive the positive effects far outweigh the negative. if salmon are grown in controlled environments, they can become much larger and provide more nutrients to many communities, so if salmo domesticus become a major part of many peoples daily lives, they will be able to feed many more people over time.

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  1. Hello Travis,

    I like your thoughts on the these salmon being curses or a blessing. I like the mentioning of being a controlled environment. This can definitely increase the survival rates and expedite the growth and send these fish to the markets faster than ever. This can definitely produce a quick product for the consumer, as that it what they demand. Fast food, right. It’s always going to be in your market, guaranteed. My only concern is the fact that their growth rate is colossal in such a short amount of time, but that is because people choose to modify their genes, pump them full of who really knows what and ship them out. They may have nutrients, but those nutrients are not natural. There may be great distribution throughout the globe and provide a food product, but I am concerned about the long term approach and long term side effects to boot.

  2. Hey Travis,

    I agree with what you are saying about growing them in a controlled environment. We know what doesn’t work and we definitely don’t want to make the same mistakes but the potential to feed people is a huge bonus. Especially with the human population growing so rapidly.

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