I think Salmo Domesticus means salmon that are no longer wild in any way. The salmo domesticus in the way that Greenberg described it is, I believe, salmon that are genetically altered, grown, and farmed, all with the intent to meet the demand for salmon. The AquaAdvantage Salmon that is genetically modified and created for no other reason that to provide for the fishery. The salmo domesticus are fish who are genetically changed for some reason. They grow faster and require less food. Changes that lower the cost of raising the fish and elevate the qualities desired in order to achieve the best productivity from the fish.  I believe we are on the way to having salmo domesticus in the lower fort- eight with the hatcheries that provide for the fisheries in rivers where the wild fish don’t or can’t populate. The hatcheries needing to supplement the fisheries were the first steps towards salmo domesticus. Over the years as we bred the salmon for the traits, we desired it’s gotten closer to the end game of salmo domesticus.

I think the salmo domesticus have pros and cons. They help us take the pressure of wild fisheries by making them more efficient and turn out fish faster. However, I worry that with it people will turn a blind eye to the wild salmon that aren’t genetically altered, and if those numbers drop the public won’t notice. It’s also possible that the public won’t care since the needs of the consumers would be met.

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  1. Hello Rheannon,

    I agree with your point that salmon domesticus is no longer a wild salmon species. They have been genetically modified to meet today’s salmon demand and I think you summed that up very well in this post.

  2. Hey Rheannon,

    I too worry about people turning a blind eye to the wild salmon populations because needs of the consumers are being met. However, I am hopeful that there are enough conscious consumers that this won’t happen. I know where I live that for the most part people are very conscious about where their fish comes from and how it is caught. That gives me hope for the future.

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