Fish Tank Salmo domesticus

The Norwegian brothers spent generations on expending their vision on the expansion of farmed salmon production.  They took into consideration of wild cattle becoming domesticated well before their lifetime.  The breeding of salmon came from 40 different rivers.  Every species had similar but yet different character and traits.  Salmon are very unique when considering the amount of offspring they can have.  Their eggs are very large when compared to other species which created ample opportunity to generate or manipulate a living species.  Through innovation and creativity, they expanded their farmed salmon into a global enterprise.  The foundation was laid before them with many questions unanswered, and I see it as them taking the initiative and applying their knowledge to create to the product seen throughout the markets today.

I can see salmo domesticus being as simple as newly farmed salmon adapting to their new environments.  They are no longer wild and surviving within different regions has been instilled genetically.  Regardless of where their original genes may have came from, they now have been genetically modified or engineered (whatever you want to call it)  from genetic material from ocean pout to help create a sort of different brand of their species.  A species that would amplify the growth rate year round.  These genetically engineered salmon will reach their market size in a shorter period when compared to  regular farmed salmon.

A great point was made in class today about being no hatchery within the Yukon system.  Was there ever attempts made to create one or leaving it as  a Wild river by choice?  I believe the Native people within the Yukon could definitely coexist with this new balance.  They may lose the findings of wild salmon, but at the same time find new opportunities to continue tradition.  One who may reap the benefits would go to global corporation such as AquaBounty.  They are the Amazon (company) of all the “fresh market” fish well se in our supermarkets.  I will say that creating anything that is not natural have great potential of leading to a devastating outcome when going unchecked. I honestly have not looked into depth on this matter, but without long term trials of this rubbish will make me stand by.  I see the consumers being the ones suffering.  This company will produce salmon eggs in a research hatchery and ship those eggs to Panama where the fish will be raised to market size.  I have to ask myself how this farming differs from something like a cattle farm?  Maybe the exploitation of science is not the best course of action when it comes to food security?  Sorry for the ranting.

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