FTT- 15 September

Paul Greenberg’s quote, “I couldn’t help but think that in a way the future of wild salmon and the future of the Yupik people were somehow sadly parallel to each other,” (Four Fish, Greenberg 2010) spoke to me in regards to the future of people as a whole. Not only does our history die when different species die, but our spirit and culture go as well. I hear many students say “Salmon is our way of life” so what would life really be like without salmon fishing? If more people could see the impact that salmon fishing alone makes in the state of Alaska, it might be more important to save this species and others that help sustain our way of life. The problem is simple: Yupik people live off salmon. When the salmon start to diminish, so will Yupik people. How can they survive when their main source of nutrients are gone? I agree with Greenberg even though it makes me sad to say that the Yupik will not survive much longer. The Yupik people, just like some of us, believe in a species that gives them life: salmon. Salmon are their culture, spirt, and their hope. Without any of those things, Greenberg saw the reality of what the scarcity of just one species can do to an entire group of people. It varies from the pond at the beginning of the book and I think it’s healthy for him to see especially if he wants to make things better.

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  1. Andrea, I absolutely agree that there is a direct correlation between the Yupik and Salmon as far as survivability and spirit goes. Salmon have given life to the Yupik for as long as they’ve both existed in tandem. As you said, “Salmon are their culture, their spirit, their hope.” This doesn’t leave much to argue. Without hope, without spirit, without sustainability, without culture, the Yupik people would have decades of transitions to begin. One cannot just simply pick up and leave the bush, the subsistence lifestyle, and come to the city with the expectation to be successful when the world has the odds against them.

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