salmon graveyards

In the beginning of the chapter it explains how the salmon population that used to be abundent throughout New England was brought to zero and how the memory of the local salmon was lost. This is one of the saddest things to happen to any kind of body of water. The people that used to have a love for the salmon are heartbroken when the fish no longer returns and the people responsible do nothing to make it better but instead goes and does it to another river. I wonder if its possible to reintroduce to the salmon into these areas that was once thriving with them.

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  1. Hi Gaven,
    I think that it is entirely possible for salmon to be reintroduced into the environments where they had once lived. For a reintroduction to occur, the problem that led to the die-off in first place would have to be resolved.

    This being said, the question then becomes a matter of “Should we?” and “How?”. With the absence of the salmon, new ecosystems could have formed and a reintroduction might harm the new system. If we were to reintroduce the salmon, what existing species would we use and how would it respond to the new habitat?

    I’m sure that there are many more questions that could be asked and the answers are nowhere near simple.

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