FTT 9/15

I think that Greenberg thought that the decline in salmon in the wild due to overfishing, climate change, and other causes mirrors the situation of native peoples like the Yupik people who not only rely on wild salmon like many other tribes, but have other problems as well that are causing gentrification and the disappearance of their culture to the world around them. The challenges facing both the salmon and the Yupik are similar. Exploitation and commercialization act as catalysts for their tragic and gradual downfall ending with the salmon dying out and the Yupik people being degraded and colonized to be just like the rest of the non-native United States. That would be the case if we kept on the path we are on now, greedy for land and resources carefully kept alive and thriving until modern times. I agree with the premise of the statement that Greenberg makes in the Salmon chapter that these fates of the salmon and the people are tied together, but I disagree that it is a prediction, because while they may face these challenges I believe that futures can always be changed. The point of no return is far away. If the core values of the Yupik people remain in their ways of life they can be preserved. If we use those values to regulate the overfishing and commercialization of salmon fishing, so can the salmon.

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  1. Hello Molly,
    I like your optimistic outlook on this and think that its true. If time and resources are devoted to the problems that both the salmon and the Yupik will thrive. I believe it will take work and dedication from all. I do believe the Yupik are tightly woven with salmon and that bond will be hard to break. Thank you for trying to find the light in this.

  2. Molly, I love the positive outlook for the future. I firmly believe if we were listened to about the knowledge that is engrained in our DNA that we can help bring back the large schools of salmon. We are the future!

  3. Molly I like that you give examples of the parallel between the Yupik and salmon situations. I definitely agree that the path we are on does tie the two fates together, but we can still save it if we put in the effort and resources!

  4. Molly I really enjoyed your post. I like how you tied the Yupik to the salmon and vise versa and the examples you gave for their decline. Mostly though I love your outlook for the future!!

    Great post!

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