What Paul Greenburg meant by this statement is that without some sort of outside support that the Yupik People would not stay in the Yukon River Flood plain. I do agree with his statement. The Yupik people live in a sort of archipelago in southern Alaska and in most of the areas they reside in, you cannot access them by road. You have to travel to these remote areas by plane and then by boat. There are very few amounts of rural villages that have an area for a plane to land which makes traveling in these areas very expensive. Without the help of the government in aiding the Yupik people, they won’t have enough food and funds to support themselves. With the salmon runs decreasing in size, it is making it more and more difficult for the Yupik people to live off the once so abundant salmon. As stated near the end of the salmon chapter, if they could start the process of setting up an IMTA in the Yukon River, it could potentially start to recover the salmon population slowly. I know that it could raise controversy and many if not all of the Yupik people would be against it but, if the salmon stocks continue to decline at the rate that they are, an IMTA might be a very viable option in order to restore the salmon populations. But if they implemented these changes, it would be from and outside help so it would be really difficult for the Yupik people to revamp the salmon population without outside help.

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  1. Hello Josh,
    Like everything, change is imminent for all things, and the ability to adapt will allow us to become successful. The Yupik will adjust to the salmon, or they will adjust the salmon. I do agree that they are parallel with the salmon, and both will hurt without help. The controversy is the least of the worries. I believe the Yupik will do what is necessary for the salmon. Great idea with the IMTA. I do wonder with weather conditions and the need to feed in the ocean how that will work?

  2. I think I agree with your interpretation of the statement and didn’t think of it that way. I also agree that sometimes people need to step in the save things like the salmon. It’s just like otehr forms of conservation.

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