I think that when Greenberg says the future of the wild salmon and the future of the Yupik people are sadly paralleled, he means that the Yupik and the wild salmon have situations that have both populations traveling down similar paths. Wild salmon were overfished to the point that the government stepped in to help sustain the population, to regulate and make sure that they wouldn’t die out. I think the Yupik people struggle similarly with the trauma they have been through in the past with non-natives and the government, as well as the changes in the world that interfere with their culture and way of survival. The government has now stepped in to offer grants and assistance to help the Yupik preserve themselves and their culture.

I also believe that the Yupik people will lose much of their culture and way of life if the wild salmon disappears. I agree with my classmates that with the Yupik’s way of life their fates are intertwined with the wild salmon as well. So much would be lost if the wild salmon were gone. There’s so much of their culture that depends on the subsistence from the wild salmon, while their very survival may not rely solely on wild salmon during the winter any more due to current day luxuries, I believe if they were to lose that connection with their past and their culture it would be the start of the death of a beautiful way of life.

I think Greenberg may have been trying to say that without preservation efforts of the Yupik way of life, as well as the wild salmon population, both may become lost to us all for good.

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  1. I hadn’t even thought about the Yupik people losing their culture over the loss of the wild salmon. I can’t believe that I overlooked that thought. It is a very good point to make though.

  2. Thank you for touching on these key points and having the open mind to see the real issue at hand. Reading this Chapter opened up my eyes to many things. Your post is very well thought out and written. I agree with Greenburg as well.

  3. I think you are right with the perspective of losing culture if we lose salmon. I hear so many of us and so may people talk about how “hunting is our life” and it’s so true. I love being able to live off the land and now it seems that people are not carrying that tradition on as much as they should. I think we get distracted by new technology and other things and our own culture we worked so hard to sustain gets pushed to the side. Great post!

  4. Hi Rheannon,

    What a great post. I think you touched on a lot of issues that the book did not and that perhaps people who are not from Alaska, like myself, would not know. Your post was insightful for me as I am not familiar with Alaskan culture.

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