In the salmon chapter of four fish I agree with what Greenburg said. What i think he meant by the Yup’ik and the salmon in perrell was the salmon are going the be suffering in their populations. This will cause the Yup’ik people to be sad and would have to find another food source. This will be bad for the salmon, the people, and even the environment.

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  1. Hi Margaret,
    I like how you mentioned the Yupik switching over to another food source; it was something that I thought about. The current trend between the Yupik and the salmon is parallel, though if/when the Yupik search for a new food the paths will diverge. I wrote about diverging paths in my post because I didn’t see it as a completely bad thing, rather a hope.

    With the current trend in the salmon, it is understandable to think that one day they may not be around. If such a future becomes reality, it is my hope that the Yupik would be able to find a new way forward.

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