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I think that Greenberg was trying to illustrate how interconnected the Yupik people are to wild salmon runs. I feel a lot of people, especially the further they get away from their food source, are incredibly disconnected. I know I have been guilty of it, not thinking or caring where my food came from and the effect it had on other’s or the environment.

I think the parallel that Greenberg was attempting to illustrate is that, like with the salmon runs, we don’t know when a threshold has been crossed and the Yupik can no longer survive. I feel that he conveyed this point beautifully by saying how a large portion of Alaskan salmon may be on “human life support already” and we just won’t know unless we stop stocking those rivers. He then goes onto stay how he felt it was unlikely without outside help that the Yupik people would stay in the Yukon River flood plains. Just like with stocked rivers we wouldn’t know if the Yupik people could survive with that outside assistance.

I am inclined to agree with Greenberg that the Yupik people and the future of salmon are parallel. The Yupik people rely greatly on the salmon runs however I wonder if perhaps the health of the salmon runs depend on the Yupik. With their knowledge, connection and through their stewardship, the Yupik have kept the salmon run healthy, long before fish and game regulations. So perhaps if the voices of the Yupik are heard, we wont end up crossing that threshold and both people are fish will have a future.

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I find it interesting that you highlighted the the portion of stocking the rivers with fish and how regulations have created limited boundaries for the Natives. I think the continuous stocking of rivers and lakes have both positive and negative effects. One positive being that there are now fish in the system to lure in the recreational fishing which can help boost that regions economy. One negative would be that the fish are non-native to that system. The non-native fish could impact the survival for another species in the same area. Being farm raised and released can also cause more harm than good to that species. If the stocking of a certain river test has not been attempted, I would like to hear the reason why. What if we did close down retaining of the Kings to recreational fishers for a few years?

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