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What I believe what Paul meant when he said, “I couldn’t help but think that in a way the future of wild salmon and the future of the Yupik people were somehow sadly parallel to each other.”, was that the way of life of the Yupik people was dependent on salmon. With each coming year the return of salmon has been on a decline. Since the “norm” continues to change so does the demand. The increase in salmon demand has drastically lowered prices. Paul stated that he saw what easily could of been an expensive 30 pound fish bartered for 2 ten pound packages of frozen chicken parts appraised at 20 dollars. With the slowly disappearing of salmon in rivers and demands increasing, Greenburg believes if this continues the Yupik would have to relocate and survive on something else.

I would have to agree with Greenburg on some views. With facts that he would have presented during that time it shows a steady decline. With a town that solely depends on fish caught, the townsfolk would have to relocate if the salmon numbers were scarce. How the world trying to preserve and increase the number of salmon the Yupik’s way of life does not have to disappear. Biologists have tried crossbred salmon to increase rate of survival after being reintroduced into the wild. Slowly but surely bringing back salmon to their former glory through trial and error. Reintegrating them in streams where they once were and even having different species that are not native to a specific regions to help the population thrive.

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  1. Hey Paul,
    I like the way you thought about the Yupik people situation on an economic stance saying “Since the “norm” continues to change so does the demand”. Where you go on to say Increase in demand has lower the price. It also makes me think of fish farms sprouting up to keep up with the growing demand and to make it more available to a lower economic class. These aspect are driving force in the market. That is excellent example about bartering a food items and how availability in an area not in the lower 48 would value chicken a lot cheaper than a salmon fillet and this is not the case we see here in tribes.

  2. Hey Paul, I like how you pointed out that some people barter expensive fish for relatively cheap chicken and ground beef, it think it’s an important phenomenon to point out!

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