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When Paul Greenberg made that statement, I believe it was due to the fact that the Yupik people rely heavily on wild salmon for survival in many ways. Not only for subsistence purposes, but for financial income, as well. Harvesting salmon is a way of life for the Yupik. They consume it all year round, they use it for dog food, they use it for bait, and they fish for it commercially. In addition, like his experience in the book while visiting the Yukon to fish with Ray Waska Jr, the Yupik use it to barter with. If the future of wild salmon continues to decline, as it is, then the Yupik people will have very little to survive on, both financially and through consumption. Two additional areas of concern are the rate of suicide and the poverty level among the Yupik. Because they receive very little assistance from the government and they are “off the grid”, losing salmon would be devastating to their population in a number of ways. And, if this happens, it may very well result in a higher suicide rate among them. The wild Pacific salmon stocks are declining and that is a major concern. Greenberg also mentioned the amount of Pacific salmon that die as a result of “bycatch”. This, along with climate changes, illegal catch, and pollution is causing concern for the future of the salmon species, which in turn, will create a real concern for the future of the Yupik people, so yes, I agree with Greenberg’s statement. This is an issue that should not be taken lightly.

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  1. I completely agree with you, with the decline of the salmon causing the Yup’ik people to go deeper into poverty and the suicide rate increasing. This can be detrimental not only on the village but even as big as the state.

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