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In his youth Greenberg experienced a catastrophic ecosystem destruction. The pond he had spent many years of his young life fishing at was suddenly stripped bare of fish either due to an especially cold winter, or the chemicals added to the water to control algal blooms. I have not experienced any sort of similar profound event but I have witnessed many ponds and streams decline from when I was much younger. The fish are noticeably smaller and harder to catch than they were 10 years ago.

At this point in the book I believe the Paul Greenberg would have said that worldwide fisheries are in a state of decline. At this point all he knew was that the ponds and ocean waters he had fished as a child had severely declined, so I think its safe to assume that he would think that worldwide fisheries are declining as well.

I believe that at the end of the book he will become more pessimistic about the future of the worlds fisheries. I think this because he is going to start with the idea that fisheries are declining and then continue to find evidence of more and more declining fisheries.  Even though many fish populations are considered stable it is natural for humans to focus on the surface level negative news instead of the more in depth positive stories. That’s why headlines saying “2/3rds of world fish stocks fully exploited” are so common.  The author is also not a scientist or expert in the field, so i am not sure that he will put in the effort to examine fisheries issues as deep as a scientist would.

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  1. Nice response Eli! i like how you mentioned that fish are getting smaller and harder to catch. im from southern California and ive fished around the sierra Nevadas all my life and i to noticed that the fish’s behavior had definitely changed in the past years. when i started fishing in the first grade the rainbow trout were like a silver with a green/pink hue but now they have all turned brown, not to mention that they barely take power bait anymore. i dont know if that has been caused by something in the environment or something thats changed in the hatcheries, but regardless, there is a big difference in their behavior and appearance.

  2. I agree with what Travis has said! I think we all have seen a decline int he size of fish as we’ve grown older compared to when we were kids. I hear from older folks in my family as well about how big the difference is now from 30 years ago! I hear a lot about the difference in the fish now compared to 10 years ago as well. I wonder if that could be from overfishing or if it’s a side effect of other factors at play.

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