FTT – 09/01/20

In the beginning of the book Four Fish, Greenberg fishes on his home properties and the surrounding areas during his childhood and around the coasts as an adult.  He enjoys abundance in fish in a certain fishing hole for a while then as the fish seem to run dry,  he moves on to the stream running from the pond he started in, and from the stream to the river it connected to, and from there to the ocean. This fishing routine sparks his curiosity for fisheries and he moves on to research global fisheries.

I don’t remember a specific moment that started my journey into fisheries and ocean sciences but I was born in Ketchikan Alaska and my earliest memory is poking starfish on the beach in the sun. I always felt drawn to the ocean even living in Fairbanks and that and my love of biology turned into pursuing fisheries and ocean sciences.

As he was a child, I think Greenberg would have diagnosed the global fisheries stock health to be a 2 but thought higher and higher (worse and worse) numbers growing up and going to research fisheries until it reached about an 8. I think he will get more pessimistic as the book moves on about the health of global fisheries but also optimistic in the endeavors that fisheries activists take on to try and stop overfishing and the like.

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  1. I like how you recognized the two sides to the last question with predicting that he will become more pessimistic about the health of fish stocks in general, while at the same time he can be optimistic about the way that people in that community are dealing with the issues. Even if something is in poor condition and having problems, it’s important to see that it’s not hopeless and there are still good ways to go from there.

  2. Molly,
    I like the way you painted his fishing journey as almost stepping stones of sorts all arriving him at the Ocean, sound. Like you I also was born on the water but home for me is Newport Oregon. I moved away more inland from the water the city like you as well but always felt the most at home near the water. It’s wonderful to hear you talk about your passion for biology as well as ocean science.

    Well wishes

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