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During his childhood, Greenberg often fished in ponds that were located on the properties where he lived. At one such property, there was a pond that held largemouth bass and served as Greenberg’s hunting grounds. After two years, the once teaming pond became barren and Greenberg had to search for more productive waters. Greenberg’s search led him from the pond, to the stream that ran from the pond, to the river that the stream flowed into, all the way to the ocean, where he set upon as his new fishing grounds gaining much knowledge of the yearly movements of fish.

I can think of no similar or profound experiences that have sent me on a search for knowledge.

When Greenberg was young and had first encountered the ocean, he would have likely rated the fish stocks as a 1. This rating would have been fueled by childhood wonder of and the period in time which he was fishing. As he became an adult and the childhood wonder had faded, Greenberg would have scaled global fish stocks as anywhere from a 5-10. This significantly worse rating would come from the shock as to how drastically the fishing seasons had changed and how reduced the numbers had become since the time of fishing in his youth.

By the end of the book, I believe that Greenberg will become more pessimistic compared to how he started. As his investigation progresses, Greenberg will gain a wealth of knowledge about the situation happening with global fish stocks. However, that knowledge can only be considered useful if he can convince people to take action to change the situation.

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  1. I think it’s really interesting that you believe his opinion of global fish stocks will become more pessimistic. I thought it would be the opposite, as he would learn more about the whole world, which surely has some successes, and not just know about the sad situation of his hometown pond. But I think you have a point, that since he cares so much about fish, he won’t like to discover how prevalent overfishing is in the rest of the world. Still, I think he wrote the book to educate people, so he must have some hope that we can change the current situation.

  2. Hi Syrena,

    Your prediction on Greenberg’s outlook definitely got me thinking about my answer to this question. Even though more knowledge of a situation can help you understand it better, that doesn’t mean its always good information that satisfies us or motivates us. I like how you rated the health of world wide fisheries when Greenberg was a child and then into his adult life. I never thought that as a child I would have to cope with loss of so many fisheries/hunting grounds. Great post!

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