Fish Tank Thursday

Paul Greenburg Lived near a fishing hole as a child and enjoyed fishing there. One winter, it was extremely cold and the upcoming spring he did not see or catch a fish in that fishing hole again. After following a stream that the pond was connected to he was met with a river but the landowners had constructed a fence so he could not fish it. This led to him acquiring a thirdhand boat and fishing in the harbor. He then left and stopped fishing until he was in his thirties and to his surprise, the once flourishing waters he had fished many years ago had become barren. This leads him to travel around to find out what happened to the fish.

I have not had any profound events that have lead me on a quest for knowledge.

I think Greenburg would have defiantly rated them a 1 because he would always have a surplus of fish that he would sell to teachers in his school parking lot. He also stated that fishermen would leave the area with buckets full of fish.

I believe Greenburg will be pessimistic by the end of the book. Over the years, Overfishing for certain species has lead us to catch and eat lesser quality fish because there aren’t enough let in one species to sustain our growing appetite of fish-eating.

2 thoughts on “Fish Tank Thursday”

  1. Hello Josh,
    I would agree with you that Greenberg didn’t have much hope for the state of fisheries. I do hope that isn’t the case. His perspective of what things were to what they had become is startling in just two decades. I had forgotten about the part of him selling fish in the school parking lot out of his mothers’ car. 1st thing, my mom would have killed me for making her car stink. 2nd I couldn’t imagine selling fish at school growing up in Oklahoma. In this case, I’m glad that you haven’t had profound impacts that caused you to go on a quest for knowledge and have gone on your own (with respect to not having a tragedy).

  2. Hello Josh,
    I will say when something sparks your interest, it will take you on a whirlwind of knowledge that is never ending. It’s like an addiction that keeps gnawing at you and wanting you to feed it more information. With the case of Greenberg though, I will agree that he was a glass half full type of person, but I will disagree with you about the pessimistic end. I think he quest for knowledge will lead him towards ideas to help revamp what has been done to all species of fish.

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