Fish Tank Thursday 1

Greenberg’s pond gave him a firsthand view of a wild source of food, and how easily it can be wiped out. When he fished in the pond as a child, he had the ability to catch his own food in a little place he claimed as his. When the largemouth bass in his pond all died, he moved his hunting grounds to a more fruitful place out in the sea. He’d be dropped off at the marina, and he would take his boat out to fish. He learned how to track where various species were, and what to fish for depending on the time of year.

I have grown up with fisheries being a part of my life. When I was very young my father was a guide to take people out to fish for Reds and King salmon. Some of my earliest memories are by a river or in a boat, and the smell of fish is a constant. As I’ve grown older my interest in the marine sciences have grown, and my curiosity has extended towards the ocean waters as well.

I think that at this point in the book he would say the world fisheries were at a 7. I believe it to be that high because of his excellent point that humans as a whole have been living in psychological denial. He wonders if humans can even stop themselves from eradicating the wild majority. That skepticism is what makes me believe that he would have a higher number.

As the book goes on, I think his outlook may become a little more optimistic, lighten up to a 5 perhaps. However, truthfully, I don’t know how his outlook will end up.

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  1. Ive had a similar experience to what Greenburg has gone through in relation to the pond freezing. My cabins lake was once filled with bass but there was too much vegetation that built up and the bass population went down drastically from it.

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