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In Four Fish, Paul Greenberg begins the book by describing his experience with fishing as a child, an adolescent, and then again as an adult. As a child, he loved to sneak away and fish at a pond near his house before they all died in an extremely harsh winter in 1978. He continued to fish as a young teenager, but at that point he bought a boat and fished in the ocean. When he returned from a break from fishing as an adult, he found that the types and abundance of certain types of fish had drastically changed and mostly decreased.
I didn’t have any profound experience, and no one in my family has ever really had anything to do with fish or marine science in general. For me, the fascination came when I was in third grade and I already absolutely loved animals and knowledge about them, to the point that I refused to even read fiction books. It was then I discovered the TV show River Monsters on Animal Planet, and I absolutely fell in love. I became pretty much obsessed with the show and the host, Jeremy Wade, has been someone I love and look up to ever since. Marine biology became, and stayed, my passion. I have wanted to study marine biology and marine animals ever since I found that show, never really losing my fascination or desire to learn.
At this point in the book, I would say that Greenberg would most likely answer our question at about a five or a six. He knows about the decreased populations of multiple kinds of fish that used to be abundant and he recognizes that the issues stem from human greed and intervention, but he also talks about while there are only four main kinds of fish found at fish markets, they are still found in abundance. He also mentions how wild fish in the ocean are still found in very large numbers. So I would guess he would say it’s okay, but definitely in danger of getting worse. I think the book will end with a more pessimistic view compared to the beginning because there is so much to learn about the details of what is really happening behind the scenes of fish markets.

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  1. Hello Samantha,
    Believe it or not, I also started developing my fascination with fish over the show River Monsters. I very much enjoyed how other than just catching rare and bizarre fish, that there was a certain mystery aspect to most if not all of the episodes. I think my favorite episode was when he was looking for wolffish in South America.

    1. I agree as well, i used to watch the show with my brother and was fascinated with the vast amount of species in one area there were and also how bizzare these fish looked. I think my favorite episode was the one where they went fishing for lamprey in lake superior because it was so close to home

  2. I thinks it is pretty cool that that show helped you choose your career Gaven. I, too was inspired by certain Nature shows/movies along with my upbringing. I still love watching new nature films and what it takes to gather the species information. Good luck in your career.

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