Fish Tank Thursday

  The experience that Greenburg had, was that a pond he had religiously fished at for years suddenly dried up on catch.  In the winter of 1978, a blizzard had came through hitting the southern part of Connecticut causing the temperatures to change. It was after that had happened, that he no longer was able to catch any fish in his pond. Although he wasn’t certain on whether or not it was due to the dramatic temperature change, or the copper sulfate.  All he knew is that there were no longer fish in that pond. I have not had a profound event like his that set me on a mission for knowledge, however I am intrigued as to how species can suddenly die off in a pond. I grew up on a farm my entire life, and we have always had fish in our pond for the past thirty years so I am intrigued as to how it hasn’t happened here yet.

  As far as the question goes about the health of world fisheries, I think Greenburg would have probably answered it negatively. Given his current situation, I think he would have indeed said that they are all in peril. It’s easy to think negatively, before actually getting into the research side of things. If I was in his shoes, I honestly would have thought the same.

  I think by the end of the book he will have become more optimistic,  for the future of fisheries. I feel like he will have had ample opportunity to have learned a lot more by the end of his journey, than what he started with.

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  1. Hi Shelby,

    I agree with you in regards to Greenberg becoming more optimistic for the future of fisheries. After he truly looks into the big picture instead of just his perspective, his outlook might change and maybe he can find way to stock his pond again just like Fish and Game do here!

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