The tangled web of sustainability- too vague to understand and ultimately not useful, or a vital concept?

The S word is everywhere these days. Is sustainability about recycling? LED bulb replacement? Or eating organic foods?

You all had lots to say about sustainability as described by economist Robert Solow in this weeks forum. Many of you, embodied in this post by kmingo2, seemed to buy Solow’s definition of sustainability (what was it again?!) but balked at the idea of substitutes.   For example, svsanchezbutler in her post was pretty clear the idea of substitutes didn’t sit right.   Like many others, morality and ethics was invoked in thinking about how we use resources today that may impact future generations tomorrow.   In our discussion we will jump in and try and find some clarity on this vague S word.

Oh…and what is Solow talking about when comparing himself to Peter Pan?

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