GMO Aquaculture- An inevitable technological step towards feeding 7.5 billion people?

Lots of fodder for great conversation in response to the idea that AquaAdvantage salmon (what are they again??) are inevitable next step in the technological process of food security.   Bmarshall6 like many others wrote that Salmo domesticus and AquaAdvantage are pretty similar save for a key difference (what’s that again?) Isabella seemed not to be comforted by the purported safe guards of all “sterile and all female” with an eerly similarity to the lessons learned from Jurassic Park (as we recall it doesn’t end well). A host of others simply thought AquaAdvantage salmon are representative of the next big thing that is a “necessary evil”. Do we agree this is necessary and an evil? What are the ethical considerations in the production of GMO organisms for consumption?

Can’t wait for a great conversation!

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