Great first discussion and forum post for next week is ready for you!

We had a wonderful first conversation, thank you to all that participated. I hope to have everyone’s voices in the discussions moving forward (no small feat given the class size this year). Given this, it is extra important to make sure that no one dominates the discussion. If you feel yourself doing so, please try to allow space for other voices as well.

Where did we end up with the health of the world’s fisheries question? Compared to past years, you all were very tightly centered around 5-7 with only a few outliers.   Most were more concerned about the health of fish stocks based on personal experiences, worries about climate, invasive species, and other human-caused problems, and from the belief that many fish stocks are over-fished (fished too hard such that the fish can’t replace themselves or caught too young and small that the weight of the harvest is lower than it could be).

We then looked at ‘the answer’ and saw it depends on how you interpret the facts given the best current assessment of stock health compiled by fishery scientists at the University of Washington in Seattle (a hub of knowledge and expertise). Would these facts have changed your answer? Whether this is good news or bad news is up to how you interpret the facts. OH…and your new forum topic is ready.

How many Fisheries are Overfished?

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